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College of Health Care and Management 








College of Health Care and Management, Chung Shan Medical University , was established in 2001. The college consists of seven departments and seven graduate institutes including Nutrition, Public Health, Health Policy and Management, Medical Applied Chemistry, Occupational Safety and Health, Heath Diet and Restaurant Management and Medical Informatics. Seven departments offer undergraduate programs and seven institutes offer both full-time and continuing education students along with a Master or doctoral program. Currently, 89 full-time faculty members including 42 Professors, 29 Associate Professors, 16 Assistant Professors, 2 Instructors and 50 Adjunct Faculty are serving in the College and more faculty members will be recruited in the near future.









The college has established very solid foundation and lean a high reputation in academic area. The primary mission of the College is to cultivate students to be qualified for the career pursuit in the fields of health care and management.


The College focuses teaching and research on three main areas: Preventive Medicine, Health Management and Health Information Technology. Since teamwork, participation and resource sharing are emphasized and encouraged in the College, the College makes efforts in collaboration with academia, government, hospital and industry to construct multi-disciplinary education, collaborative researches, and promotional services for our students and faculties.








 ·       School of Nutrition (PhD and MA Programs)


 ·       School of Public Health (PhD and  MA Program)

 ·       School of Health Policy and Management (MA  programs)

 ·       School of Medical Applied Chemistry (MA Program)

 ·       School of Occupational Safety and Health (MA Programs)

 ·       School of Heath Diet and Restaurant Management  (MA Program)

 ·       School of Medical Informatics (MA Program)








The College of Health Care and Management will continue consolidating research resources, academic teaching, and professional skills. The future goals of the College are going to nourish the best qualified students, as a platform for education, professional training, research development and industrial assessment, and finally to be the well recognized College in  Taiwan.