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The College of Health Care and Management consists of Eight Departments: 

Department of Nutrition (PhD and MS Programs)

Tel : 8864-24730022 ext.11740

The Department of Nutrition was founded in 1981. The department is aiming to pursue excellence in education in preparing students for future career in dietician, academic research or health food industry. The department is divided into two sub-divisions, Clinical Nutrition and Healthcare Nutrition , including Undergraduate Program, Graduate Program (MS and PhD), On-the-Job Training Specific Program.  


Department of Public Health (PhD and MS Program)

Tel : 8864-24730022 ext.11798

The Department of Public Health was established in 1990. The mission is to educate and disseminate knowledge with the aim of preventing disease and promoting the health of populations in. The undergraduate program in public health at CSMU is divided into two divisions: "Health Management" and "Environmental Health".


Department of Medical Applied Chemistry (MS Program)

Tel : 8864-24730022 ext.11871

The Department of Applied Chemistry was established in 2002, and was renamed the Department of Medical Applied Chemistry in 2014. This program is appropriate for students going on to advanced study in Chemistry, Biochemistry, as well as for many students planning careers in industry, education, and research. In addition, applied Chemistry offers three special options for students with specific interests in combining chemistry with other subjects such as Biomedical Science, Advanced Material, and Medical Chemistry.


Department of Occupational Safety and Health (MS Program)

Tel : 8864-24730022 ext.11825

The Department of Occupational Safety and Health was founded in 2002. The mission is to educate and train occupational health/safety professionals to meet the needs of professional practitioners in the field. Our aim eventually is to prevent the hazard from environment and create a healthy workplace.


Department of Health Policy and Management (MBA Program)

Tel : 8864-24730022 ext.11713

The Department of Health Policy and Management was established in 2001. Owing to the change of social medical ideology and hospital structure the new medical management and health care service problems has appeared complicated. We offer the four-year university program for students. Meanwhile, we cooperate with Institute of Medicine to set the master program of health serviced administration up and offer medical workers which with lots working experience to study.


Department of Medical Informatics  (MS Program)

 Tel : 8864-24730022 ext.11733

The Departmentof Applied Information Science was established in August 2003, and was renamed the Department of Medical Informaitcs in 2011. The purpose of the department is to furnish our students with the computer and network technology, management knowledge, and knowledge in specific domains, such as healthcare, medical informatics, and electronic commerce.


Department of Heath Diet and Industry Management (MS Programs) 

 Tel : 8864-24730022 ext.11861

This is the first department to integrate the sciences of "Diet Nutrition" and "Restaurant Management." A graduated student is expected to have both concepts and knowledge.In-class learning and hand-in practice are both emphasized. In addition to the in-school hospital, Department also cooperates with Taichung Restaurant Association, Catering Association, and etc.


Department of Applied Foreign Languages

 Tel : 8864-24730022 ext.13022

The Department Of Applied Foreign Languages aims at cultivating professional English and Japanese talent, for application in foreign language education, health care, business, translation, tourism, and other related fields.



In-service Master Program of International Health Industry Management of College of Health Care and Management

 Tel : 8864-24730022 ext.11091

The In-service Master Program of International Health Industry Managenement was founded in 2018 and aims to cultivate professional health management talents, engage in medical services and promote the health of people.